April 22, 2021

The Explorers club | World ocean week

The Explorers club | world ocean week 2020

The Explorers Club hosts World Oceans Week each year in June, in concert with World Oceans Day, to celebrate and raise awareness for the sea. This five-day event brings together experts from multiple disciplines to imagine a better future for the oceans and the world.

I had the pleasure of joining an expert panel sharing on the topic: Art: Science and Data

Moderated by Harvard University Climate Scientist Dr. Alex More, the panel included remarks and discussions among ocean artists and scientists: Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky, Composer, Multimedia Artist & Writer; Tim Fain, Concert Violinist & Composer; Jonatha Giddens, Ph.D., Ocean Ecologist, National Geographic Explorer and Fellow; Peter Girguis, Ph.D., Professor of Organismic & Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University; Jeremy McKane, Artist & Ocean Warrior; Bruce Molnia, PhD., GlaciologistJohn Nelson, Cartographer and User Experience Designer, Esri.

Check out our conversation on the beautiful and insightful confluence of Art, Science, and Data!